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NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Integrated Digital Media - New York, NY

  • Still and Moving Image
  • Experimental Cinema
  • Wilderness Workshop

American University, Department of Art - Washington, D.C.

  • Video Art


Machine as Medium Research Fellowship (Yale, 2023)

Research on the role of the machine in creative practice, with a focus on technology in the craft of cinema production. Independent research in Berlin in collaboration with dancers (Tanzfabrik) and actors (UDK, Deutsches Theater), as well as a live performance and presentation at the Yale University Center for Collaborative Art & Media.

Filmmaking as a Framework for Design (Yale, 2020)

Research on narrative development as an artifact of production design. Independent photographic experiments with scale models, along with drawings commissioned from artists and designers (including Marina Roca Die), were used to guide the creation of a film narrative.

Other Fields (New York University, 2017)

An interdisciplinary research symposium sponsored by New York University, created in collaboration with Dana Karwas and Alex Zafiris. Two days of meetings at NYU Berlin brought together a group of artists (including Fabio Barile, Pedro Vaz & Damian Taylor), along with writers and scholars, to examine contemporary approaches to photographic inquiry into landscape.

The Satellite (New York University, 2015)

Artistic research on the creation of a realtime, experiential portrait of Earth, using live satellite data to allow a direct encounter with the planet. Supported by Hewlett-Packard and NYU Tandon School of Engineering, in collaboration with Dana Karwas and Ivan Safrin.

Wilderness Workshop (New York University, 2012)

An artist retreat in the Hudson Valley focused on the idea of wilderness in artistic practice, with an emphasis on photographic and sculptural engagements with the landscape. In collaboration with Dana Karwas.

Grants & Residencies

Exhibitions & Talks

  • Machine as Medium, Symposium, Yale University CCAM  — New Haven, CT (2023)
  • Senefelderplatz, Solo Exhibition, Yale University, CCAM — New Haven, CT (2022)
  • Designing Knowledge, Siggraph — Online (2018)
  • Other Fields, New York University — Berlin (2017)
  • E.V., Public Installation — Wellfleet, MA (2015)
  • The Satellite, NYC Media Lab — New York, NY (2014)
  • The Satellite, NY Tech Meetup — New York, NY (2014)
  • The Satellite, Hewlett-Packard Power-Up — New York, NY (2014)
  • Wilderness Workshop, Charla Abierta @ Diablo Rosso — Panama City, Panama (2013)
  • Abe‘s Penny, Museum of Modern Art Library — New York, NY (2013)
  • Hans & Florence, Knoll Showroom — Paris (2007)
  • See-Through-Wall, Chelsea Art Museum — New York, NY (2005)